Facebook Makes Unsettling Announcement, More Than 50 Million Users at Risk

September 28, 2018Sep 28, 2018

On Friday morning, September 28th, Facebook, Inc. made an extremely unsettling announcement to the public. The multibillion-dollar social networking company revealed that the site was exposed to a major security breach.

According to media reports, more than 50 million users are at risk of having their personal information compromised. As a precaution, 90 million users were forced to log out of their accounts Friday morning.



The attack reportedly took place earlier in the week after hackers found a loophole in Facebook’s code, reported the New York Times. The issue was fixed and authorities were notified immediately.

This latest attack against Facebook sparks even more major security concerns regarding user data. The company was already in the middle of multiple federal investigations in regards to their data sharing and privacy practices.


This story is developing and will be updated as more information becomes available. A police investigation regarding this Facebook breach is ongoing.

Please share this information with other Facebook users who may be at risk. In other breaking news, a former senator was found dead in his home.

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