Ey up! Northern dialects are holding their own – FFA

A seven-year research of native English audio system has revealed northern dialects are holding their very own in opposition to invaders from the south.

Earlier analysis pointed to a creeping homogenisation of dialects amid claims that the north-south accent divide was on the right track to all however vanish throughout the area of 45 years.

However a joint research by the University of York, Lancaster University and New York University has answered with a powerful, “is it ‘eck as like!”

Dr George Bailey from the language and linguistic science division of the College of York stated: “Though there was some lack of distinctive components between completely different types of English over the past 70 years, our analysis confirms that the UK has retained a lot of its wealthy number of language. I don’t suppose there’s any threat of us all sounding the identical any time quickly.”

The analysis surveyed greater than 14,000 folks on how they converse immediately, and in contrast their solutions with related research from 70 years in the past.

It discovered that whereas southern dialects – for instance the shortened vowel sound in ‘reduce’ – had pushed north because the Nineteen Fifties, some northern pronunciations and phrases have been additionally spreading.

I don’t suppose there’s any threat of us all sounding the identical any time quickly

Pronunciation of the ‘g’ in ‘singer’ is a key dialect marker which was once discovered primarily within the north-west and West Midlands, however is now heard in Herefordshire and Nottinghamshire.

Equally, the survey discovered that the time period “lolly ice” reasonably than “ice lolly”, thought for use completely in Liverpool, was now frequent throughout north Wales as properly.

Major picture: Patricia Prudente