Extravagant Christmas Display Sparks Safety Concerns, Police Intervene

November 29, 2017Nov 29, 2017

A family favorite activity around Christmas time involves some hot chocolate, holiday treats, and driving around different neighborhoods to see all of the beautiful Christmas light decorations. In a small Connecticut neighborhood, locals travel to experience the extravagant Christmas display at the home of Mary Halliwell.

Halliwell’s outside decor during the holidays is much more than just some colored-stringed light bulbs around the trim of the house. The yard is entirely decked out with a variety of shining colors, lit-up characters (such as a Reindeer and Santa Claus), glowing stars, Candy Canes, a tall sparkly tree, and much more.

The Halliwell family calls it “Wonderland at Roseville.”

Additionally, the display has a large emphasis on the true meaning of Christmas—the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. On the rooftop, an angel stands with the words “Peace on Earth” underneath. A glowing birthday cake and sign that appears to say “Jesus is the reason for the season” are also beautifully displayed in front of the house.

Halliwell told ABC News that more than 350,000 Christmas lights were acquired to complete their extravagant decor. Although this is a beautiful and meaningful sight to the visitors, Halliwell’s neighbors were frustrated with the traditional, annual display that has been going up for the past 18 years.

According to ABC, neighbors were concerned about the residents’ safety due to the high amount of traffic that their home brings into the neighborhood. A petition of 45 signatures was filed to local authorities, including the police department.

The petition states, "During the time that Wonderland at Roseville operates, the constant noise, the flow of people walking in the streets and many walking across our lawns, and the litter left behind are all a serious nuisance to our residents.”

Fortunately, the display did not get shut down. Police officers intervened and agreed to help direct traffic in the neighborhood during that time of year, leaving all residents very pleased with the outcome.

Note: All photos were provided by ABC News.

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