EXPOSED: A Large Number Of Anti-Trump Rioters Didn’t Vote In The Election

November 15, 2016Nov 15, 2016

Hate-filled, anti-Trump riots have taken over cities and large urban centers in the wake of Trump’s election victory. Rioters have set fires, smashed car windows and broken into local businesses. 


The rioters burn and destroy the cities because Hillary Clinton lost the election. They declare that Donald Trump is not their president.

The worst of the riots have taken place in Portland, Oregon where over 100 rioters have been arrested for their involvement in the lawless displays. In the midst of these violent protests a shocking statistic has been uncovered.

A large percentage of the people arrested in the Portland riots did not even vote. According to Mediaite, 34 of the 100 rioters arrested did not cast a vote in the presidential election.

Another 35 out of 100 arrested in Portland were not even registered to vote in Oregon, meaning that they most likely don’t even live in the state that they are currently trying to destroy.