At Least 19 Killed, 50 Injured in Possible Terror Attack on Concert

May 22, 2017May 22, 2017

We’re getting reports of a deadly explosion at a Ariana Grande concert in the United Kingdom.

At least 19 people have been killed and 50 injured, according to NBC News. Local police are treating it as a possible terror attack via a suicide bomber. Some reports put the number of injured at closer to 100.

Grande is an award-winning 23-year-old American pop singer and actress. She is currently on her European "Dangerous Woman Tour," according to her website. Many of her fans at the concert have been described as children and teenagers.

Grande's spokesperson said Grande herself was not injured by the explosion, which reportedly erupted after her last song, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Police have not confirmed that the explosion itself was the cause of the deaths. 20 to 30 people have been reportedly injured.

At least one person suggested that the popping of a huge balloon caused such a loud bang that people thought a bomb had gone off, sparking a stampede that killed some concertgoers.

But another eyewitness claimed there was a lot of smoke after the explosion, suggesting an actual bomb.

Sasina Akhtar explained, “[Grande] did her last song, we were in the lower tier and there was an explosion behind us at the back of the arena. We saw young girls with blood on them, everyone was screaming and people were running. There was lots of smoke.”

Another witness told Fox News that they felt the force of the explosion. Yet another reported a smell of burning.

Some eyewitnesses reported two explosions, with one man saying he was thrown off his feet by the blast.

Concertgoer David Richardson expressed, “People have said it was a speaker or balloons but it wasn’t. It was explosions.”

A video of the concert venue from a quarter mile away shows a flash of light and loud, resonating boom.

A Steven Charles Snooker Club barman reported, "There was a gentleman on the floor with his leg all bleeding and woman with blood down one side of her face. We felt something but didn't know what it was — there was a sound like thunder. One girl had a panic attack and another had streaming tears, a woman had a heart attack just outside.

He added, "It's a lot of teenagers — they're all in tears."

Fox News called the 20,000-seat Manchester arena the largest in the country.

Please include the victims and their families in your prayers.