Suicide Bomber in Custody After Explosion in Heavily Populated U.S. City Subway

December 11, 2017Dec 11, 2017

One person is in custody after an explosion occurred at the Port Authority bus terminal in New York. According to CNN, the terminal is one of the busiest commuter hubs, as it is located near Times Square. 

The blast hit at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Immediately after the explosion, the A, C, and E subway lines were evacuated. According to NYPD Sgt. Brendan Ryan, the subway entrance and bus terminal were still closed as of 8:45 a.m. ET. 

The NYPD source said that the explosion occurred when a man detonated a homemade device that he was wearing. According to the Wall Street Journal, the man was from Bangladesh. Reports say that he is in custody and is injured.

According to a local law enforcement source and a federal law enforcement source, it could have been a pipe bomb that exploded at the wrong time. Preliminary reports lead them to believe that the bomb either malfunctioned or at least did not do what it was supposed to do. It was an alleged suicide bomber incident that did not go as planned.

Thankfully, no deaths have been reported in this incident. However, there are at least four people injured.

A federal law enforcement source said, "Could have been a lot worse."

Still, the event would have been traumatizing for anyone nearby on their morning commute.

Francisco Ramirez, who was exiting a bus at the time, said, "From what I saw it sounded like it came from the subway, but I'm just guessing. It was two distinct explosions seconds from each other."

"As I was making my way toward the outside, I kept getting shoved by cops and there were cops at every entrance blocking and there was police and SWAT everywhere," he continued.  "It was scary. It was just a lot of chaos but I didn't see any injuries."

Marlyn Yu Sherlock was on the main level of the terminal when the blast hit. 

She said, "The PA system was still blaring Christmas carols. It took about four minutes before men in black cop uniforms started shooting people out of Port Authority. As I walked further away from the building, I kept asking the heavily armed cops what it was. They said, 'suspicious package.'"

We are thankful that this attack did not go off as was allegedly planned. Please be praying for peace for those who were near the scary explosion this morning, and for wisdom for the detectives who will be interrogating the man in custody. 

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