Expert Reveals Princess Diana's Fatal Injury Shouldn't Have Killed Her

April 09, 2019Apr 09, 2019

Princess Diana was famous around the globe. In the years since her passing, she has remained iconic in the eyes of fans.

Now, news is coming in regarding the tragic accident that took her life. A forensic pathologist says that her injury should not have killed her.

“Her specific injury is so rare that in my entire career I don’t believe I’ve seen another,” wrote Dr. Richard Shepherd.

Shepherd has been investigating Princess Diana's death for some time now. He believes the only reason she actually succumbed to her injuries was due to a freak accident and being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Diana’s death is a classic example of the way we say, after almost every day: if only,” Shepherd continues. “If only she had hit the seat in the front at a slightly different angle. If only she had been thrown forward 10 mph more slowly.”

The expert does make one major statement regarding her death that is hard to hear: he says she could still be alive if she had been wearing her seatbelt.

“If only she had been wearing a seat belt,” he writes. “Had she been restrained, she would have probably appeared in public two days later with a black eye, perhaps a little breathless from the fractured ribs and with a broken arm in a sling.”

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