Expert Doctor: Hillary's 9/11 Fall Supports THIS Neurological Disorder

September 12, 2016Sep 12, 2016

Whether a candidate is physically and neurologically fit to be President of the United States is a serious issue. That is why many conservatives have focused on the increasing signs that Hillary Clinton has some serious health issues that she's refusing to reveal. And that's why Dr. Ted Noel has worked hard recently to study what's been going on with Hillary and connect it with a strong theory that she's suffering from Parkinson's Disease — a dispiriting degenerative condition that would certainly make her unfit to serve as leader of the free world.

Yesterday, he spoke on how his Parkinson's theory fits Hillary's collapse outside the 9/11 memorial event:

If you haven't seen it yet, watch Dr. Noel's riveting defense of his claim that Hillary is suffering from a neurological disorder (at close to 2 million views as of Monday evening):