Expect Male Clothing Models To Be Hunks? Not Anymore, Says Fashion Industry

September 30, 2016Sep 30, 2016

Masculinity is what's bad about men, and it's time to eliminate it.

That's the message the fashion industry is now sending as it trades its hunky male clothing models for wispy, androgynous ones, according to Yahoo! News. While the bizarre fashions that supermodels don while strutting down the catwalk often look like something we'd never wear ourselves, variations of those fashions often do trickle down, and advertisements for normal, everyday clothes do have an influence on our culture's perception of ideal body images.

That's the influence the fashion industry wields as its artists push social agendas. And that's why they're riding the liberal trend toward a genderless society as they shift away from guys with classic masculine features like muscular builds and square jaws. Instead they're going for very tall and very thin willowy men who appear almost androgynous as they promote "gender fluidity."

Wilhelmina modeling agency chief Tricia Romani says, "They're designing the clothes in that way so if you had a model that was big and muscular, that wouldn't fit."

In fact, more frequently now, models parade down the catwalk in unisex clothing. But there is still one giant disparity that liberals should be calling out as sexist. The average height for the ideal male model that agencies are looking for has grown to 6 foot, 2 inches. The still puts male models a head over most female models and accentuates one of many differences there are in the opposite genders.