‘Exhausted’ boy becomes an internet sensation for his sigh-filled reaction to shoveling snow

Carter Trozzolo was determined to return to school. However, the severe weather in Toronto made other plans.

Last week’s snowstorm dumped more snow than 30 centimeters in the area. Schools were forced to declare a snowday.

Carter, a third-grader from the area, was one of those students who was forced to stay home due to the weather. Instead of staying in to play video games or sleep in the classroom, Carter bundled up and ventured outside to shovel snow.


“I just like shoveling, I guess,” the boy told “As It Happens” host, Carol Off. “And to be outside when I have nothing to do.”

Carter’s efforts were recognized after a CTV News camera crew spotted the kid shoveling the sidewalk amid the freezing temperatures. But it’s not just his dutiful shoveling that caught the viewers’ attention—it’s also his weary sighs of exhaustion!

The boy, drained of energy, didn’t hold back and told the outlet that his work had been “tiring” and that he’d rather be in school—accompanied by the weary sigh that made him internet famous.

Carter Trozzolo drained of energy shovel looking up to the sky

The broadcast’s footage has been shared on social media, attracting the attention of Sara Bareilles, an American singer-songwriter, and the Toronto School District Board.

“Carter- ‘exhausted’ this is gold,” she wrote, referring to the kid’s chyron on the broadcast, which said “Exhausted.”

Rachel DiSaia, Carter’s mom, replied to her tweet: “As carter’s parent, I can’t help but ask if perhaps maybe you *will* write him a love song.”

The city’s school district board also tweeted out a reaction of their own.

Sara Bareilles' tweet about the Carter drained of energy

“We can’t wait to have you back at school, Carter. Thank you for helping neighbours, friends and even people you don’t know! *sighs*.”

Carter cleared the snow from his front yard, including the walkway and steps. He did the exact same thing for at least three neighbors.

However, the boy didn’t seem too thrilled about receiving no words of appreciation.

“I saw one of the neighbours look out the window,” the boy said, again with a sigh, as he explained that no one had bothered to thank him.

The boy also noted that he shoveled snow for “my neighbors, friends, probably people I even don’t know.”

The Toronto District School Board's tweet about the exhausted Carter Trozzolo

But DiSaia said Carter’s good deed isn’t about getting thanks—they just want him to be a good neighbor.

“We try to be part of our community in the most useful way possible. So I tend to shovel for our neighbours as well … Carter has been helping out with that for the past couple of years. But he’s reached the age where he can do some of it on his own,” DiSaia said.

As for Carter’s sigh-filled reactions, DiSaia said it’s just part of who he is.

“We live in a dramatic time,” they said. “I think I could serve Carter his favorite meal and I would get a similar sigh … It just comes with him.”

Carter went in after hours of shoveling and warmed himself up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Carter Trozzolo shoveling snow on the sidewalk

School was canceled yet again the following day, so CTV News went back for a follow-up interview with Carter, who revealed that he was “still exhausted.”

“I’m tired. I am always tired,” said the boy who is almost ‘drained of energy’.

DiSaia believes that Carter’s video went viral because the public found his expressions of being ‘drained of energy’ relatable.

“I think a lot of us can relate to that amount of exhaustion with everything right now so I think he captured the emotions of many people,” they said.

When asked about his newfound fame, Carter said he doesn’t “want to think about it.”

This kid is definitely a whole person! Click the video below to see the viral clip of his interview.

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