EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOP’ Newbie Mia Thornton Gushes About Meeting ‘Flawless’ Nicki Minaj, Says She & Monique Samuels Would Likely Get Along + Suggests She’s Unsure About Returning To Series: My Husband & I Have A Lot To Think About

EXCLUSIVE: ‘RHOP’ Newbie Mia Thornton Gushes About Meeting ‘Flawless’ Nicki Minaj, Says She & Monique Samuels Would Likely Get Along + Suggests She’s Unsure About Returning To Series: I Have A Lot To Think About

Mia Thorntonshe continues to speak her mind The Real Housewives of Potomac!

As reported previously theJasmineBRANDRecently, an exclusive interview was conducted with RHOP Star Mia Thornton. During the last portion of our sit-down. Mia Thornton Telling the tales Candiace Dillard to “watch her back” during part 1 of the RHOP reunion. Mia stated:

“I was trying real hard to keep my butt on that sofa–I was trying real hard! I hate that I say that, but I don’t disagree with Candiace [having something coming]. It just comes to a point where enough is enough.”

However, she continued to clarify:

“I ain’t gonna be the one to do it–I admit that.”

Mia Thornton

Candiace Dillard

Later, Mia Thornton She shared her experience with Nicki Minaj at the reunion. For context, Nicki Minaj Previously revealed:

“I think I went hard on everybody equally… I kinda went for the jugular with everyone.”

Nicki Minaj

Voici ce qu’elle aperçute about her encounter with the rapper Mia said:

“[Nicki Minaj] is everything–everything and a bag of chips! Nicki was just what we needed. I’m so excited that she was able to come–and it’s my first season! I’m like ‘Okay, this is what we doing? I’d love to be able to lounge on the sofa with Nicki every day!’”

She added:

“But she read us all. She came in so honest… She was so transparent, she asked the questions that Andy couldn’t ask, and it was everything! I can’t wait for you all to see it.”

Mia Then you can address if Nicki Minaj At the reunion, they got together:

“Probably, but quite frankly I was just staring at her–she’s so pretty I don’t even know if I answered the questions right. She’s flawless!”

Nicki Minaj

Shortly thereafter, Mia Thornton began speaking on Monique Samuels–who infamously got into a physical altercation with Candiace Dillard Last season.

Refer to Monique SamuelsMia stated:

“I like her. I think that she’s a Housewife. Contrary to what people might think, my personal opinion, based on what i know and have seen, is that she has a beautiful, loving family. She’s gorgeous, her husband is very supportive of her… I think that we would have some fun. I do!”

Monique Samuels

Mia Thornton

Finally, Mia Thornton asked if she will be returning to RHOP For a second season:

“[My husband]G and I have much to think about. There is our marriage to think over, our children to think about, and our businesses to consider. And there are some things that have transpired on my first season that I am afraid will make Mia–or I should say Mya–come out. And we don’t want Mya to come out–Mya can ruin Mia’s life, and we gon’ need Mya to stay inside!”

She continued:

“Being on this platform is definitely a privilege. This is a huge accomplishment, and it’s such a phenomenal opportunity. It has been a great experience, so I don’t have bad things to say. If I don’t come back, it’s solely a personal decision. And it will be because of my family.”

Mia and Gordon “G” Thornton

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