EXCLUSIVE: Nick Young & His Fiancée, Keonna Green, Set To Star In VH1’s ‘Couples Retreat’

Keonna Green, Nick Young

EXCLUSIVE: Nick Young & His Fiancée, Keonna Green, Set To Star In VH1’s ‘Couples Retreat’

theJasmineBRANDExclusively reports that professional basketball players are Nick Young and his fiancée Keonna Greenare allegedly going to be a component of VH1’s Couple’s Retreat. theJasmineBrandThe exclusive on the show was first announced in November 2020.

Nick YoungAnd Keonna GreenHere are the latest cast members who will be letting cameras into your love life.

This won’t be Keonna Green’sFirst appearance on reality TV as she appeared Basketball WivesIn season six.

That was the only thing we reported Michael Blackson and his fiancée Mizz RadaComedy will also be on the show, as will comedian Jess HilariousAnd her boyfriend Daniel Parsons.


Nick YoungAnd Keonna GreenThe couple were engaged on Christmas Day 2019 and have three children.

The 36-year-old basketball player previously had a public relationship with rapper Iggy AzaleaThe two were engaged in 2015.

Nick Young, Iggy Azalea circa 2015

The FancyAfter he got pregnant, rapper ended their year-long relationship. Keonna Green pregnant again.

2016 Keonna GreenWe discussed the possibility of marriage NickAgain, she said:

“Let me tell you, this is a little deep into the conversation, but I can count how many people I’ve been with on one hand. Nick was the person that I thought was it. When I went back that second time, I was thinking, This is it for me.”

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