Ex-Republican Governor Haley Barbour Arrested at Airport

January 30, 2018Jan 30, 2018

Reports are coming in that former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour was recently arrested at an airport for having a loaded handgun in his briefcase as he went through a security check at the airport. As punishment, he is expected to pay a fine. 

Barbour was the Republican National Committee chairman in the mid-1990s. He was also governor from 2004 to 2012. According to Fox News, he was attempting to board a flight on January 2 from Jackson to Washington, during which time he had forgotten that he was carrying a loaded gun. 

He had previously placed the loaded gun into his briefcase after an assistant had removed from his car days earlier. A TSA spokesperson claims that an officer at a checkpoint X-ray machine spotted the .38 caliber revolver, loaded with five bullets, inside of his carry-on bag. 

Police were immediately contacted and the former governor was arrested. The fine will be $3,920, according to information obtained by ABC News.

ABC News reports that Barbour admits that the situation was his fault. He claims that it was simply absentmindedness. 

"This was absentmindedness and nobody's fault but mine," Barbour said.

Moreover, Barbour says that he will not dispute the use of the word "arrest" to describe what happened to him, although he mentioned that he was never handcuffed and no mugshot photo was taken. Rather, he claims that everything was very civil and that TSA officers at the airport were very nice and professional. 

Haley Barbour is a member of the Republican Party and served as the 63rd Governor of Mississippi from 2004 and 2012. Prior to holding elected office, he was the co-founder of the Washington lobbying firm BGR Group, which he joined after his service as governor. 

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