Cold Stone Creamery Executive Dies After Assaulting His Elderly Parents in Bloody Mess

August 10, 2017Aug 10, 2017

According to numerous reports, Lee Edward Knowlton has died after attacking his elderly parents. Knowlton is a former executive at Cold Stone Creamery and Massage Envy.

The attack happened on Tuesday at a senior living center in Scottsdale, Arizona. Police have released details about the incident but some mystery still remains.

“Scottsdale Police received a call Monday night from Knowlton’s mother claiming her son was assaulting her and her husband. Police said the woman appeared to have been beaten when they responded to the call at Andara Senior Living Community,” wrote Fox News.

Police said they found an elderly woman in her 80’s, covered in blood when they arrived. They also found Knowlton and his father on the floor, covered in blood as well.

"We went to the front of the apartment and encountered an elderly woman, in her 80s, that was covered in blood," Sgt. Ben Hoster told AZ Family. "She went on to describe to the officers that she had been assaulted by her 50-year-old son and that 50-year-old son had also assaulted her husband."

While officers were taking Knowlton into custody, he stopped breathing. He died shortly after midnight on Tuesday.

"During the handcuffing, he stopped breathing and went into full code," Hoster said. Knowlton died shortly after midnight Tuesday. Police said they found drug paraphernalia on the victim,” police said.

His parents have been reported to be in stable condition. Please join us in praying for this family during this horrific event. Also, read our shocking article about what Barack Obama’s daughter was just caught doing on video.

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