Ex-Clinton Secret Service Agent: How Agents Handled Hillary Is Very Telling

September 13, 2016Sep 13, 2016

The way Hillary Clinton's Secret Service agents handled her health crisis outside the 9/11 memorial event on Sunday is very telling, says a former Secret Service agent who protected the Clinton family for 12 years.

In an opinion piece he wrote for the Independent Journal Review, Gary Byrne gives some eye-opening revelations about the unusual actions of Hillary's protectors as she collapsed while they loaded her into a van.

In video taken of the event, Hillary is led out to a curb and held up by a woman as they await the arrival of the transport van. Once the van arrives, Hillary's legs began to buckle and her body sway as Secret Service agents try to walk her into the van. They then catch her as she falls forward before bodily lifting her into the van before taking off.

While Byrne says that the agents acted very professionally, it's odd that they would have her wait on the curb before the van arrived, making her an easy target. He also said the way in which they moved to hold her up and catch her indicated that what was happening to Hillary was not unfamiliar to them.

But what was really concerning to Byrne was the fact that the Secret Service moved Hillary to her daughter Chelsea's apartment rather than a pre-assigned emergency room — as is standard protocol.

Byrne writes, "It is very revealing that, whatever is wrong with her, she is being treated by her own private medical specialists in secret and, judging by the ballet-like reaction by her detail, they have dealt with this before. Her detail knew that there was something very wrong with her and they were prepared."

From what he can see in the video and the aftermath, Byrne says, "There is something seriously wrong with Mrs. Clinton" and likens her state before her collapse to a seizure.

He concludes with a dire warning, writing, "She’s putting herself, her party, and her Secret Service detail at risk. Her health is directly tied to the health of our country and we deserve treatment."

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