Ex-Girlfriend Of Britney Spears’ Fiance Warns Singer To Dump Him Before It’s Too Late, Latest Gossip Says

Did Sam Asgahari‘s ex-girlfriend warn Britney SpearsTo dump him? One tabloid claims the personal trainer’s romantic history has come back to bite him. Here’s the latest on the “Toxic” singer’s relationship.

Sam Asghari’s Ex Tells Britney Spears ‘Dump Him’?

This week Star Britney Spears may have escaped her conservatorship, but it is possible that she could be falling for another trap. According to the report, Sam Asghari’s ex-girlfriend has a suspicion that the fitness expert is using Spears for her fame and money. This tipster is so certain Asghari is bad news that she’s warning Spears to call off the wedding before it’s too late.

“Sam is definitely using Britney,” the mystery woman dishes. “If she wasn’t rich and famous, there’s no way he’d be with her!” And to make matters worse, Asghari announced in a recent interviewWith the New York Times that he’s put his past as a personal trainer behind him and he’s ready to focus on stunt choreography and acting full-time. “The last thing Britney needs is Sam and his user friends taking advantage of her. She’s already had so many bad people in her life.”

Is Sam Asghari using Britney Spears for Fame?

We’re not buying a word of this story. First of all, how are we supposed to believe the account of this alleged ex-girlfriend if the tabloid won’t even share her name? The most likely scenario is that she’s lying or doesn’t exist at all. And even if one of Asghari’s former romantic partners was worried for Spears, why would they approach a tabloid instead of Spears herself? The tabloid’s version of events just seems extremely unlikely.

We know that Spears has been with Asghari for more than five year. The world knows they’ve been through hard times as Spears fought to end her conservatorship, and Asghari has been by her side, supporting her all this time. Despite the tabloids’ attacks on Asghari, he insists he’s dedicated to Spears and is in it for the long haul. It seems Asghari adores Spears, according to the Instagram posts.

Britney Spears’ Tabloids

It’s hard to trust anything the tabloids say about Spears. The tabloids used to say that Spears died a long time ago. Globe reported Spears was near a “breakdown” after consulting a random psychiatrist who has never treated the pop star. Then, In Touch Spears claimed she was vengeful against Justin Timberlake. Then, there was the recent incident with the National Enquirer According to some reports, there was a sex tape featuring Spears that circulated on the dark internet. We doubt this report, as none of these outrageous stories have been proven to be true. Star This is no different.

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