Everyone’s Freaking Out Over John McCain’s Cookies

August 09, 2017Aug 09, 2017

Senator John McCain has been making major headlines in recent days following the announcement about his diagnosis of brain cancer and his vote against the health care repeal and replace. Members from both sides of the political spectrum came together to pray for Senator McCain, while others were still upset with his “betrayal” regarding health care reform.

McCain continues to stay vocal about his opinions on current events, especially concerning the Trump administration. However, in a very nonpolitical post on August 8th, he shared a photo of a cookie that resembles his face.

He commented, “Thank you @Cookies_inBloom for the delicious & life-like cookies!” Cookies in Bloom is a bakery specializing in cookies that delivers nationwide.


Although McCain’s post was not political, many Twitter users bashed him, mostly pertaining to his health care vote. One even commented, “Just needs a tattoo with the word fraud on its forehead.”



In later posts, other users thought the cookie was “cool.” Another user pointed out that this was just a post about a cookie, which shouldn’t have lead to so much outrage.


What do you think about Senator John McCain’s post? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. McCain also made headlines on August 9th because of his reaction to President Trump’s warning to North Korea.