EVERYONE Just Called Out Bernie Sanders After His Hypocritical Statement!

March 19, 2017Mar 19, 2017

Bernie Sanders, democratic politician and U.S. Senator, has been joining many members of the Democratic Party in bashing President Trump and his policy changes via social media.

On March 17th alone, Sanders also tweeted that Planned Parenthood defunding should not take place because ‘women of this country have the right to control their own bodies’ and criticized the upcoming healthcare alternative saying it was ‘grotesque and ugly’.

However, Sanders crossed the line when he posted another statement on Twitter that resulted in immediate outlash.

Multiple users commented on his hypocrisy since he just bought his third house in 2016.

One person wrote, “Sell 2 houses and give health care to a 100 homeless people. quit telling me how to spend my money...if he is preaching about wealth distribution, he needs to lead by example.”

What do you think about Bernie Sanders’ comment?

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