Every Parent's Nightmare, Toddler Praying For A Miracle

March 21, 2017Mar 21, 2017

Just last year, three-year-old Ashlyn Belcher played with her older sister like any other toddler would. Ashlyn loved going to church, playing with her puppy, and watching her favorite movie, Frozen.

It seemed like a near-perfect life, up until February 2016. Ashlyn's parents thought she had the flu and took her to the doctor. However, the symptoms continued to worsen. She would not eat, had diarrhea, and then she developed Bell's Palsy. 

After countless visits to a number of different Doctor's, the family finally found an answer at Charleston Area Medical Center; a report they prayed they would never have to hear.

"That's a mother's worst fear to find out that their child has cancer and that it's rare. They didn't think she would survive overnight," said Ashlyn's mother, Tasha in an interview (watch here). 

Ashlyn had tumors in her bone marrow, on her spine, and in her brain. This is a rare form of cancer called Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT). 

"Nobody ever wants to know that feeling." Belcher also said her daughter eventually became well enough to start chemo. "But it had to be God. Only thing I can say is that I keep holding on; no matter what they told me or how dark it looked... I just kept holding on."


After completing 11 months of chemo, her doctors say she only has one brain tumor left, and it is big enough to operate. 

Tasha Belcher will continue to hold onto hope as her daughter goes for surgery at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio to remove the brain tumor, in what will hopefully be the final surgery for her sweet girl. 


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