Ever Seen A Dog With Dwarfism? This German Shepherd Is Going Viral For An Unbelievable Reason

June 09, 2017Jun 09, 2017

Mikey Gus is a German Shepherd that happens to look a bit different than his relatives. Mikey was born with a rare condition known as dwarfism.

When Mikey Gus was first born, he owners noticed that he was a bit less coordinated than his litter mates. They took him to a local vet and they discovered the reason for the clumsiness.

Mikey had bone deformations in his legs. They were due to an underlying condition of dwarfism.

Mikey currently lives in Clarksville, Indiana with his two parents. His owners say Mikey’s mother, Temperance, is even a bit gentler when she plays with him.

“Temperance would lie in front of MikeyGus with a toy and play tug-of-war,” Amy Carkuff told Barcroft. “She never expected him to chase her, but would invent playtime suited to his needs.”

Mikey is a happy dog on most days, but he does have some hardships in his life. When he was only 6 months old he stopped walking altogether. His owners had to push him around in a stroller.

However, Mikey never gave up and learned to accommodate his smaller legs and now he runs around with the best of them! He even plays with the families chickens and cow.

“What we do with MikeyGus is try to show people how he is seen as a blessing in our home,” Amy told Barcroft. “He’s provided my daughters with a first-hand education on how love should be boundless and, despite our struggles and differences, we can be a very important part of this world.”

Watch the video below to some amazing footage of Mikey Gus doing his thing! Isn’t this just inspirational?!