Even This Lesbian Psychologist Isn't For The Transgender Movement: Calls It Harmful

August 31, 2016Aug 31, 2016

It is one thing to hear conservatives speak out against the recent and growing transgender movement infiltrating the public school system. But what about hearing deep criticism from a member of the LGBT community? That carries a lot of weight. Here, in an op-ed for a cautionary transgender agenda site, psychologist Saye Bennett speaks out about the harm she sees being done through the transgender movement.


"I am a lesbian, and I am a psychologist. Those two facts have been inextricably linked in my mind as I have observed, with increasing dismay, both the mental health community and the medical community unquestioningly accept the current transgender trend as fact."

Saye continues, "As a psychologist, the most urgent and obvious concern I have about this uncritical acceptance of the transgender trend is our ethical mandate to 'Do No Harm.' How can we, in good conscience, happily send our clients down a long and dangerous path of cross-sex hormones and invasive surgeries? (If you don’t think there are dangers in these interventions, please take the time to research very thoroughly, making sure to scratch beneath the shiny surface veneer of the relentlessly positive trans propaganda)."

"Our goal as mental health professionals should be to empower our clients to become their healthiest, best, authentic selves. To believe that a client’s true self can only be achieved by changing everything true about herself is ludicrous.  And yet that is exactly what the mental health and medical communities are wholeheartedly endorsing."

Saye makes a poignant point about gender expectations. She says that even though, as a lesbian, she does not have a lot of the stereotypical feminine likes and dislikes, that does not mean she isn't female. "Females who do not fit into the traditional 'feminine' stereotype do NOT need hormone blockers or cross-sex hormones; they do NOT need to 'socially transition'; and they do NOT need unnecessary surgeries.  Female bodies are not the problem here…society’s expectations are the problem. There is no 'right way' nor 'wrong way”'to be female."

It is so good to hear Saye speak out so clearly and strongly against the dangers of telling people (especially kids) that trying to become another gender is the way to happiness! What do you think of Saye's points?