Even The Liberal Media Is Concerned About Joe Biden's Inappropriate Behavior

November 17, 2017Nov 17, 2017

While Joe Biden hasn’t said he’ll definitely run for president in 2020, he also hasn’t ruled it out.

“I’m not closing the door. I’ve been around too long and I’m a great respecter of fate, but who knows what the situation is going to be a year and a half from now,” he said Tuesday.

That possibility has some liberals concerned. In a Huffington Post op-ed, “Joe Biden 2020 Is A Terrible Idea In A Post-Weinstein America,” author Amanda Terkel lays out the objections.

Terkel lays out the way women have been mobilized by recent events. Most notably, the rash of sexual harassment and abuse allegations in Hollywood.

“Men are losing their jobs after years of having sexually harassed or assaulted women with impunity,” wrote Terkel.

That is what makes Biden the “wrong guy to bear the standard of any party purporting to speak for the victims of unaccountable power.”

In 1991, Biden was accused of mistreating Anita Hill in her sexual harassment case against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas. At the time, Biden was the chair of the Judiciary Committee.

Since that time, Biden has tried to build a record of championing women’s rights, especially addressing sexual assault on college campuses. Those actions are less laudable given the way he treats women.

“Today, part of Biden’s schtick is that he’s Uncle Joe. He’s the jovial guy who can go into a bar and connect with anyone there…His behavior also had more patronizing undercurrents. A big part of his act was remarking on the attractiveness of women, young and old. He would comment on how pretty young women were and warn their fathers to keep the guys away,” wrote Terkel.

But that isn’t the most concerning part. Twitter is full of women and young girls who are visibly uncomfortable with the way Biden touches them.


“But it’s clear some people were uncomfortable. The teenage daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), for example, visibly cringed and pulled away when Biden whispered in her ear and kissed her on the head,” recounted Terkel.


In 2015, Biden creepily put his arms on the shoulders of wife of Defense Secretary Ash Carter at Carter’s swearing-in ceremony. He held his hands there for an extended amount of time, and he even appeared to kiss the side of her head. People couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable the moment looked.


These are only two examples of his behavior. Terkel mentions that the New York Magazine even had a slideshow of them called “9 Times Joe Biden Creepily Whispered in Women’s Ears.” The Daily Wire also has an article full of videos. 

In 2015, conservative columnist Byron York wrote about Biden’s handsy ways, questioning whether his gestures were appropriate.

“Do the incidents add up to anything? Assume that all of Biden’s gestures were entirely innocent, just Joe being Joe,” York wrote. “Still, in today’s society, sexual harassment complaints have been lodged for less. Biden’s behavior gives critics plenty of ammunition and puts supporters in a difficult position. Why is that kind of stuff OK when the vice president does it and cringe-making when it’s the overly-friendly guy in the office?”

Terkel is echoed by publications like VICE and Daily Beast.

Erin Gloria Ryan wrote for the Daily Beast about Biden, “He’s also got a troubling history of acting weird in public around women who don’t seem entirely on board. This isn’t just based on whispers or rumors; there are so many photos and clips of Biden looming over, or massaging, or gently nuzzling, or whispering to, or kissing women and girls who don’t seem all that into it.”

She makes the excellent point that this kind of behavior needs to be condemned. Democrats need to treat a Democrat man who does this in the same way they would treat a Republican.

“Right now, a society grappling with men, power, sexual exploitation, and consent does not need Joe Biden’s highlight reel playing alongside Rep. Jackie Speier’s pledge to fight sexual harassment on the Hill,” concluded Ryan.

What do you think about Biden’s behavior? Is he just overly affectionate and lacking an understanding of appropriate touching, or is this something more sinister? Let us know in the comments.

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