Evangelical Leaders May Have Influenced Trump's DACA Decision

September 06, 2017Sep 06, 2017

To the dismay of some and the cheer of others, President Trump has publicly permitted faith leaders to have his ear in the White House. News is always breaking about the various ways that President Trump, though not usually considered a model Christian himself, has been an ally of Christians in the White House. Perhaps the most notable has been the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, although more recently headlines were made after President Trump declared a national day of prayer for victims of Hurricane Harvey.

On Tuesday, CBN News wrote a story entitled "Did Evangelical White House Access Help Dreamers?" In this story, they speculate that evangelical leaders advising President Trump may have influenced the final decision in a meaningful way. In particular, they write that evangelical leaders themselves remark that fellow evangelicals on Trump's informal faith advisory board believe their access to the White House made a difference in protecting young immigrants from an immediate end of the DACA program.

"I feel like our work on the faith advisory council is vindicated today," wrote Rev. Tony Suarez, the executive VP of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, according to CBN. "This is precisely why we joined way back in the campaign last year because we felt if we had access to this office, if we had access to this man we needed to speak truth to power, believing that at some point God would touch, God would convict and there would be compassion for children."

Pastor Jentezen Franklin, writing for the Washington Post, remarked that he told President Trump in a meeting that he personally knows dreamers, and they are good kids.

Moreover, according to CBN, Johnnie Moore, another member of the faith advisory council, remarked that he and his colleagues played a major role in persuading the president to adopt the six-month extension. He said that not only did they convince Trump to compromise by granting a six month extension, but that they will also put pressure onto Congress to show compassion for the kids. 

Of course, not all evangelicals hold this view, and instead hold that President Trump should be wary of offering legal status to Dreamers. Eric Metaxas, David Barton, William Boykin, and others have urged Congress to treat undocumented immigrants kindly, but also to put law-abiding Americans first.

In breaking news, the American west is experiencing devastation as Hurricane Irma approaches. 

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