Eva Mendes Asked for Ryan Gosling’s Ken Underwear From ‘Barbie’

Eva Mendes
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Nothing can stop her from loving her Kens. Eva MendesA special request was made Ryan GoslingAfter she saw him dressed up for the upcoming Barbie movie.

“I said, ‘Can I please have that underwear? Please! I never ask for anything,’” the Fast Five star, 48, said during her Monday, June 27, appearance on The Talk. “So anyway, I do have it. I’m wearing it right now.”

The first glimpse of the new model was given to fans Drive41-year-old actor portrays Ken. Warner Bros. published the first image of Ken as a doll earlier this year. In addition to both jeans and a denim vest, the costume included a pair of Calvin Klein–inspired briefs bearing the name “Ken” on the waistband.

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Ryan Gosling
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The most controversial aspect of the look, however, is Gosling’s hair, which is ultra-platinum for the role. When Talk cohost Natalie Morales asked Mendes about the “debate” over the coif, the Other GuysThe actress rebuffed the criticism.

“People do know he’s not playing a real person, right?” she quipped. “He’s playing a fake person.”

The Miami native added that she’s personally into her partner’s BarbieLook at me, as someone who grew-up in the era when Barbie and Ken doll dominance ruled. “Well, first of all, I saw the photo and the 14-year-old in me was like, ‘Ahhh,’” Mendes said. “It’s a funny photo and he’s trying to be funny. So, it worked on all levels.”

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Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling
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The ERThe alum and NotebookActors have been together since 2011, after they met on the set The Place Beyond the PinesThe film premiered in the following year as. The duo has two daughters, Esmeralda, 7 and Amada 6, respectively.

While the couple keep their private family lives secret, Mendes has sometimes spoken out about their relationship. In February 2020, she revealed that Gosling is “an amazing chef and baker,” adding, “For reals. Incredible. No joke. I’m not sure that what I do is cooking. It’s more like steaming veggies and juicing and making rice. He cooks. I survive.”

An insider told a story earlier this year. Us Weekly that the twosome want to raise their daughters outside of Hollywood — and possibly somewhere rural.

“The feeling is that they’ll relate to each other better by being outside of Hollywood, either in Canada or further afield from Los Angeles somewhere like Santa Barbara or further up the coast,” the source explained in January. “It’s ironic that they fell in love shooting Place Beyond the Pines in upstate New York, which is just the type of area they’d love to kick back and enjoy raising their kids.”

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