ESPN Suspends Curt Schilling For Remainder Of The Season Over THIS Tweet

September 08, 2015Sep 08, 2015

Do you need further proof that America is no longer a nation that upholds free speech?  Look no further than Curt Schilling.

According to Fox news, ESPN suspended Curt Schilling for the remainder of this baseball season (including the playoffs and world series).  He has been suspended from the network since late August.

On August 25th, Curt tweeted a meme that compared Muslim extremists to nazi’s.  Hardly a jump in reasoning when one considers that ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups commit the most heinous and brutal acts against people for no reason other than they aren’t Muslim. 


While Schilling could have better made the point that the extremists are damaging the image of good and faithful Muslims, it is outrageous that he should face such a lengthy suspension for voicing an opinion.  Clearly, Curt Schilling does not think that all Muslims are extremists. 

Do you think Schilling went too far?  Or is it merely another sign that the country is caving to political correctness?