Eric Trump: “This is Why They Viciously Attack Our Family”

July 11, 2017Jul 11, 2017

Donald Trump Jr. voluntarily released a series of emails regarding a meeting about Hillary Clinton that took place during the presidential campaign. In the documents, Trump Jr. is told of information that could potentially tie Hillary Clinton, who at the time was a candidate for president, to the Russian government. Trump Jr. responded back saying he would “love it” if it proves to be true.

Following the incident, Donald’s brother Eric Trump responded. He stated, “This is the EXACT reason they viciously attack our family! They can't stand that we are extremely close and will ALWAYS support each other.”

Eric’s tweet is in reference to a video clip posted by Fox News contributor Nigel Farage. In the video, Farage says, “I can assure you that the liberal media and the leftists will all be screaming ‘AHA! We have it! Links with the Russians!’ But when this all sort of simmers down a little bit, what are we going to discover?”

“We’re going to discover that clearly he had no previous contacts of any kind at all with the Russians, just from the tone of the e-mails he has released, that no information was given, that he actually said himself he got rather frustrated with the meeting because clearly it wasn’t actually going anywhere.”

He continues, “Donald Jr. is pretty much the best public supporter of his father that there is in the business and he has done nothing wrong at all, and certainly nothing wrong compared to some of the things Hillary was accused of in the campaign. And I think in week’s time, this will simply have died.” Watch the video below.

President Trump also responded to the situation. Trump said his son is a ‘high-quality person’ and he ‘applauded’ his transparency. Read more on Trump’s response here. Thank you!