Eric Trump Just Risked His Own Life to Save a Woman, Here's the Heroic 'Good Samaritan' Story

July 03, 2018Jul 03, 2018

Every day, the world sees what politicians and other prominent voices in our society do in the public sector. It is usually what takes place in their private, day-to-day lives, however, that determine the integrity and success of the individual. Now, a powerful story has emerged about Eric Trump, President Trump’s son, that displays his integrity.

Last week, Eric Trump reportedly risked his own life to save a woman. While the heroic act was already powerful enough, the fact that hardly anyone was there to witness the act makes it even more admirable.

According to the Washington Examiner, Trump was near the F train stop near 57th Street and 6th Avenue last Wednesday morning. He spotted a woman who had passed out near the station, and he and his security detail stopped to help. When she was unresponsive, Eric Trump took matters into his own hands and ran out into rush hour traffic in order to chase down a nearby ambulance.

An anonymous onlooker said, “I watched as Eric looked up, spotted an ambulance slowly passing by on 6th, ran into traffic- almost getting hit by a bicyclist- and shouted at the ambulance to get its attention.”

They continued, “Not sure if the ambulance had been called for or if Eric managed to hail one out of the blue, but in any case his sense of urgency was clear and he succeeded in getting the paramedics to stop and tend to the woman.”

The onlooker noted that not many people were paying attention to the situation. Though Eric Trump is extremely recognizable, he didn’t do the “Good Samaritan” act for fame.

They said, “I don’t know if anyone really noticed all of this going on, there wasn’t a crowd of people watching.”

When asked about the situation, Eric Trump credited the medical professionals for helping the woman.

He said, “I’m glad we were able to play a small role in getting help for the woman on 58th Street. We just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I’m especially grateful to the EMTs who took over. It was certainly my first time hailing an ambulance n New York City.”

What do you think about this story?! Thankfully,  Eric Trump was in the right place to be able to help the woman! Share your thoughts here! In other recent news, a country music sensation is mourning a tragic family loss. Please keep them in your prayers.