Eric Trump Gets Attacked After Posting Birthday Message for His Wife

October 12, 2017Oct 12, 2017

Lara Lea Trump, daughter-in-law of President Donald Trump and married to his son Eric Trump, is celebrating her 35th birthday on Thursday, October 12th. To honor his wife on her special day, Eric posted a birthday message for her on social media.

In a post where he shared a photo of Lara holding their newly born son Luke and a separate picture of he and his wife at the White House, Eric wrote, “Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. Thank you for Little Luke and for 10 amazing years! I love you very much!”

Many Trump supporters wished Lara a happy birthday, and additionally, commented on how “sweet and romantic” Eric’s post was.

However, while the majority of users shared birthday blessings for Lara and appreciated Eric’s romantic post, others took this as an opportunity to throw personal attacks at the couple and bash their family’s political views.

Once the negative and irrelevant posts began flooding in, Trump supporters quickly came to the Trump family’s defense. Users pointed out that this was only a birthday post and not the time for people to insert their differences in politics.

This is a fairly typical response for almost anything posted by members of the Trump family. Social media usually becomes very divided on their posts—half of the comments consist of personal and political attacks, while the other half, is fully supportive.

Previously, Eric and Lara were attacked when announcing Lara’s pregnancy with their first child—many commented that the world “did not need another Trump.” First Daughter Ivanka Trump has also been bashed multiple times for proudly sharing her Jewish faith and family photos online.

What do you think about Eric Trump’s birthday message for his wife? Should he have been attacked for it? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In breaking news, an American hostage and family were recently freed from captors after five long years.

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