Eric And Lara Trump Share Possible Name For Baby Boy!

March 28, 2017Mar 28, 2017

Eric and Lara Trump recently announced that they will be expecting their first child, a baby boy, in September.

The couple appeared on Fox for an interview about the big news. During the interview, the two shared a possible name for their little one.

“Possibly a Jr. We have a couple others that are high on the list.”

They decided not to share the other possible names.

This will be President Trump’s 9th grand child and he is extremely excited! Eric and Lara commented on President Trump’s reaction to the news, which was revealed to the family on inauguration day.

“What was so amazing is how excited my Father was,” Eric said. “He was just on cloud 9.”

Lara adds, “That made me feel so good how happy and how excited he was. Just for everyone to feel that way. It’s nice to have positive news and for everybody to be happy and smiling and feel good. That made me feel real special.”

What a great grandfather!

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