English Actress Dies After Battling Lung Cancer

July 21, 2017Jul 21, 2017

Deborah Watling, English actress, passed away on Friday, July 21st of 2017 at 69 years old. According to Deadline, she died after battling lung cancer.

Watling was best known for her role in “Doctor Who.” She played a companion aside the second doctor, Patrick Troughton, in the 1960’s.


Additionally, she starred in “The Tomb of the Cyberman,” “The Ice Warriors,” “The Newcomers,” and “Rising Damp.” Her parents were also well-known names in the entertainment industry: Jack Watling and Patricia Hicks.

Fans were heartbroken over the sad news. Many took to social media to express their condolences.



Ironically, another “Doctor Who” actor recently passed away just a few days before Deborah Watling, leaving many fans devastated. Please join us in prayer for their friends, family, and loved ones during this difficult time. Thank you!