Emma Slater, Trevor Donovan on Whether ‘DWTS’ Chemistry Is ‘Real’

It was difficult to deny the link between Emma SlaterAnd Trevor DonovanEpisode of “The Monday, September 26th” Dancing With the Stars — and Alfonso Ribeiro wasn’t afraid to ask the season 31 duo about their chemistry.

“I gotta know — are those your acting skills or was that real?” the cohost asked a shocked Slater, 33, and the 90210 alum, 43, after their Rumba to Elvis’ “Always on My Mind.”

“If you’re really doing a good job acting, it all comes from the truth so there’s something real in every performance,” Donovan replied on the Disney+ show before the judges revealed the pair earned a 30/40.

Slater shared their post-show interview during which they spoke Us Weekly that she was “so glad” the Hallmark Channel star was the one to answer Ribeiro.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was like, ‘That question! Like, wow, just out the blue.’ But I think Trevor’s right, like, and we’ve spoken about this too — and by the way, we genuinely get on really well, like, rehearsals go so quick,” the professional dancer explained. “We really do get on and have great chemistry, which made this dance so much easier. But then when Alfonso asked that question, I was so glad you answered because I was like, ‘I can’t.’”

The actor added that his answer was “100 percent truthful.”

“A lot of the movies I do, it’s [the] romantic lead and you have at least a couple scenes that are intimate scenes,” Donovan said. “And you’re with someone who [could] very well be married or that you just met or you’re not in a relationship and so you have to create that and luckily, we’ve had a few weeks of getting to know each other to become friends and break down that wall and be comfortable with it. … I just answered as truthfully as I could, and it is the truth.”

Slater went on to note that people “expect passion” when it comes to the rumba.

“People expect that steam, and you really have to tell a story. We had the best song, in my opinion. I love this version of ‘Always on my Mind,’ and I honestly believe in Trevor. I believe in his dance ability,” she gushed. “I know we have this great connection, this great chemistry. So I worked hard to create an environment that allowed us to be ourselves and express ourselves. It was great. I think it was a dance that really needed it and it felt really good in the moment.”

Donovan was quiet about his personal life throughout the years. Slater, however, married a fellow DWTSPro Sasha Farber2018 UseAugust saw the couple announce their quiet split after four years together.

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