Obsessed Fan Threatens Major Hollywood Celeb, Tells Him She'll 'Run Over Your Kid'

May 08, 2018May 08, 2018

One of Hollywood's big stars is potentially sleeping a bit uneasy tonight. News reports recently surfaced that an obsessed fan has her sites set on Emile Hirsch.

The actor and his family is said to be fearing for their lives after getting a series of disturbing messages, including a threat to kill his son, reported TMZ.

The fan reportedly had communicated with Emile in short messages online. When the messages stopped, she sent extremely creepy threats to the actor.

"Do I need to mention the word DANGEROUS OBSESSED STALKER WITH POSSIBLE WEAPONS to get some attention here?" She also wrote "Maybe I'll run over your kid in 15-20 years. Maybe I'll run that sh*t over with my car. I don't forget. I can't."



"The woman, who goes by Annadelpanino on social media, claims she has an obsessive compulsion with acute fixation issues and could find Emile since 'you're just a plane ride away,'" wrote TMZ.

The stalker somehow also managed to get the phone number for Emile's father and called him in an effort to get to Emile. The LAPD is now investigating the incident.


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