World Famous Model Dead at Age 30 from Ovarian Cancer, Fans Speak Out Online

March 08, 2019Mar 08, 2019

A world-famous model has just died at the age of 30 after suffering from ovarian cancer. According to reports, Elly Mayday has passed away after battling the disease for 5 years.

"Born Ashley Luther in Saskatchewan, Canada, Mayday began feeling ill when she was 25, according to People. Despite repeat visits to the emergency room with complaints of severe lower back pain, doctors reportedly sent the model home with painkillers and suggested she try losing weight," wrote Fox.

When she continued to seek medical attention, doctors ordered a scan of her body. During the scan, they discovered she had a cyst that turned out to actually be stage 3 Ovarian cancer. During the next few years, the cancer continued to impact her health and grow.

“In a way, I’ve always been looking for that opportunity to help people,” Mayday, who was outspoken about her battle with the disease on social media, shared on Instagram back in January.

“My choice to be public and try and share my strength was imminent. Helping is how I justify my time here is well spent … I appreciate everyone who lets me know I’ve made a difference, with my advice, my sharing, my photos and just my general approach to a real tough situation.”

Mayday was well-known online for her stunning photos but also for her work in empowering women across the globe. She was a body-positive activist and used her platform to spread awareness for cancer in hopes of preventing it for other women.

Mayday’s family confirmed her passing on Instagram. “Ashley was a country girl at heart who had a passion for life that was undeniable,” the post read. “She dreamed of making an impact on people’s lives. She achieved this through the creation of Elly Mayday which allowed her to connect with all of you. Her constant support and love from her followers held a special place in her heart.”

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