Ellen DeGeneres Shares With Fans About Her Recent Heartbreaking Loss

January 11, 2018Jan 11, 2018

One of the most famous television hosts in the entertainment industry is Ellen Degeneres. The spunky talk show entertainer has risen to stardom in recent years and is known for her fun personality and blunt speeches.

However, Ellen recently shared a sad update with her studio audience. According to Ellen, her father has passed away. Ellen's father, Elliot, was 92 years old when he died.

"I lost my dad this week... He had a good, long life, and he lived his life exactly how he wanted," DeGeneres told her audience, explaining that her father, who was a Christian Scientist, never went to a doctor his whole life. "And he lived to be 92."


Ellen also reminisced about how loving and accepting her father was. She credits him for her sense of humor and for learning to not judge others.

"He was very proud of me. He loved this show, and he was a kind man, a very accepting man. There was not one bone of judgment in his body," she continued. "He was very funny. I think my brother Vance and I got our sense of humor from him."


She then went on to share an amazing story about her childhood. According to Ellen, it seems he father may have sent her a sweet sign upon his passing.

"We only took one family vacation. When I was a little girl, we came to this lot, to the Warner Bros. lot, and took the tour and went around. And now I work on the Warner Bros. lot and have my own stage with my name on it, so he was really proud of that," DeGeneres said. "Before he passed away, I got to talk to him, so I got to say goodbye to him, and I was leaving the building and I looked back and there was a rainbow over the Warner Bros. studio."


Please join us in praying for the entire DeGeneres family. We ask that God's grace comfort them during this tough loss. In other recent news, a major U.S. retailer has been accused of repackaging and selling used make-up.

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