Ellen DeGeneres’ Marriage Allegedly ‘A Mess’ After Portia De Rossi Asked For An Open Relationship, Gossip Says

Are You Ellen DeGeneresAnd Portia de RossiIs your house falling apart? One report claims that Arrested DevelopmentStar has asked DeGeneres to be open to a relationship. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Portia Wants An Open Marriage’?

Per Life & StylePortia De Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres seem to have it all. They celebrated their 13th anniversary in August. They are at a crossroads, after many years of ups & downs. “The whispers are about trying an open marriage,” an insider says. De Rossi was reportedly open to the idea, and DeGeneres refused to discuss it.

Friends recently spoke with de Rossi about marital monogamy. “Some admitted they’d explored an open marriage, and others were open to trying,” a source says. De Rossi was intrigued, but DeGeneres found it shocking. An insider says, “She thinks, ‘Why even get married then?’ Things got pretty heated.”

A source notes that there’s a jealous streak in DeGeneres. One of her exes even said of the talk show host, “She was terrified that I wanted to be with a man.” After so many years together, de Rossi “is clearly feeling antsy,” a source says, leaving their marriage in shambles.

What’s Going On With Ellen DeGeneres?

These so-called sources claim that they know a lot about Ellen DeGeneres, Portia De Rossi, and other topics. It knows what their friends are talking about and what it knows about the Finding Nemo star’s deep insecurities. It even claims to know what “she Thinks.” No one, not even de Rossi, could say with certainty what DeGeneres thinks.

This is the only thing that makes this story possible. Gossip Cop won’t give it the time of day. DeGeneres posted a beautiful Instagram message that shattered this marital drama in one sweep. “I can’t imagine my life without you in it,” DeGeneres writes. “I’m so, so glad you were born.”

More Bogus Stories

Life & StyleIt frequently targets Ellen DeGeneres, and Portia De Rossi. But it never seems like they get the story right. In 2019, it claimed she was retiring from daytime talk, yet she’s still on the air. It called her beauty brand a shameless cash grab, while completely ignoring her age-related motivations for launching it.

Every time, Gossip Cop debunks this outlet for its DeGeneres divorce stories, but they’re still married and happy. If this outlet were true, DeGeneres would have been divorced and retired by now. We can’t claim to know how DeGeneres thinks, but it sure looks like she’s still smitten. With nothing other than some anonymous so-called sources, this story doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

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