Elderly Woman on Oxygen Machine Dies After Company Shuts Off Power for Unpaid Bill

July 09, 2018Jul 09, 2018

Sad news to report from Newark, New Jersey. An elderly woman in hospice care died only hours after her utility company shut off power to her house due to unpaid bills.

According to ABC7, a local news channel, the woman, Linda Daniels, owed $1,800 to the company, but records show that she’d been making some payments in the past few months.

One bill indicates that she’d paid $300 in April and $450 in another month. In July, two days before she died, $500 had been sent in.

When the power was shut off, her daughter, Desiree, called the power company to get help. But her efforts were stymied.

"We put one ice pack here by her side and one on the other side. We were fanning her. It was so hot in here, she couldn't breathe - it was unbearable," she said.

“One rep told me to stop calling, that there were too many tickets in the system,” said Desiree. “PSEG said ‘oh, we’re on our way,’ kept telling us that, but no one showed up.”

Paramedics eventually arrived with a portable unit. But it was too late. According to the daughter, the power company was aware that her mother had medical equipment that required her to sustain her life and her condition of congestive heart failure.

In response, the power company, PSEG, wrote, "Because there was no response from the customer, the customer was shut off. They had not notified us of any medical circumstances in the home."

“She was the matriarch of this family – she was the glue that held everything together,” said Desiree.

Newark Police are investigating the death.

Please pray for her family during this terrible time of loss. Be sure to follow the latest updates on the Thailand cave rescue