Elderly Fast Food Worker Keeps McDonald's In Shape

December 23, 2015Dec 23, 2015

Harriett Clopper is celebrating 20 years as a worker at the same Sharpsburg Pike, Maryland McDonald's. That may seem impressive, but what is most shocking is how old she was when she was hired in 1995: Seventy-five.

According to Your4State.com, Clopper holds the record as the world's oldest employee in the world's second largest fast food restaurant chain (just shy of Subway). She works alongside Ronald, greeting customers who come into the location.

Why is this woman, who is turning 95 on Christmas Day, still working at McDonald's?

Clopper explains, "I just like everything about it — the people — everybody is so nice."

And despite her age, she puts the younger workers to shame.

Her location's owner, Mark Levine, is continually impressed by her work ethic, saying "She catches when we should be better. As a brand, we are responsible for the American public. We are responsible for our brand, and Harriett is the spokesman. If Ronald ever fell down, I'm putting Harriett Clopper up there. She never misses a day of work. She's here before, she's here after — if I could get a thousand Harriett Cloppers, I would be further ahead."

Meet Harriet below: