Bad Grandpas: Eight Elderly Men Caught in Plot to Steal $20 Million

April 29, 2019Apr 29, 2019

A recent plot to steal $20 million was thwarted by law enforcement officials. Now, the suspects are making headlines and being given hilarious nicknames.

The "bad grandpas" are the eight men who have been arrested for allegedly trying to rob millions from safety deposit boxes in London. They are being called "bad grandpas" due to the fact that they are all elderly men.

"The eight men, who were experienced criminals, ages 52 to 73 at the time, concocted a bold plan while drinking at the pub to break into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit in the diamond district of London in 2012. Three years later, after purchasing a diamond-tipped drill and a copy of "Forensics for Dummies," the men successfully burrowed into the safe on Easter weekend of 2015 and made off with millions in precious jewels packed into empty garbage bins," wrote Fox.

The men had reportedly been working on their robbery plot for years. They made their move on Easter weekend in 2015 and were said to be motivated by the cash. Many of them needed extra money.

"Around 8:30 p.m. on the Thursday before Easter, the group destroyed the security cameras at Hatton Garden, shut off the alarms and spent hours drilling into the wall of the safe. Once they broke through, they discovered that the safety deposit boxes had steel sides, which they attempted to break with their battering ram, but broke the tool instead," wrote Fox.

The story reads like a Hollywood movie. It will inevitably be turned into a film since it is so incredible. Police were able to catch them after they found the "look-out" man outside the bank in his car. They traced the car and eventually bugged their phones.

"Police bugged the men's cars and overheard them bragging about their crime while trash-talking each other. About six weeks later, the men met to discuss how they were going to split up all of their goods at Perkins' daughter's house. It was there that police broke down the door and arrested all who were in attendance at the meeting," according to police.

The story is once again making headlines after the men are finally being sentenced for their crimes. They will have a hard time escaping from prison.

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