Eiffel Tower Closed in France, Man Seen Trying to Scale the Iconic Landmark

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

An iconic French landmark has just been closed by authorities after a man decided to break the rules and climb the structure. Now, the famous Eiffel Tower is off-limits to tourists.

At this time, officials are said to be negotiating with the unidentified man who is scaling the side of the structure. It is unclear why he is climbing the tower.

"The operators of the attraction tweeted around 10 a.m. ET that the tourist site was "closed until further notice" after the unidentified climber was spotted on the top side of the tower. The climber appeared to be wearing a red jacket and was located near the top of the 1,063-foot structure," reported Fox News.

He reportedly began his ascent from the second floor of the tower. At this time, it appears he is climbing it alone. He also seems to be using some sort of climbing equipment to help him go up the structure. The incident has drawn a heavy police presence.

Sadly, the tower has just been closed to tourists in the area. Hopefully, they will get another chance to see Paris from atop the famous tower.

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