Egypt Launches Massive Retaliation Strike After Christians Were Murdered

May 26, 2017May 26, 2017

26 people were murdered and dozens more were wounded after terrorists targeted a bus filled with Coptic Christians on their way to a monastery.  Watch the video below for more information.

Now, in swift retaliation for the attack, Egyptian forces have struck "terrorist training camps" in retaliation for an attack on Coptic Christians, President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi says. State media say six strikes hit the town of Derna in neighboring Libya.

The president of Egypt also said he would "not hesitate to strike terrorist camps anywhere". He announced the strike on television and said he promised to "protect our people from the evil".

According to reports, as many as 10 gunmen attacked the convoy. The gunmen fired at the vehicles with automatic weapons before fleeing.

Minya Province Bishop Makarios said many of the victims were shot at point-blank range, the New York Times reported. He said that children had been on the bus and were among the dead, adding that a pick-up truck in the convoy carrying workmen at the monastery was also targeted.

President Trump took time from his busy international trip to respond to the brutal and cowardly actions.

"This merciless slaughter of Christians in Egypt tears at our hearts and grieves our souls," he said. "America stands with President Sisi and all the Egyptian people today, and always, as we fight to defeat this common enemy," he continued.

There hs been no word about the success of the strike Egypt sent into Libya. However, Al Jazeera is reporting that the air strikes targeted camps near Derna where armed men responsible for the deadly Minya attack are believed to have trained.

Please join us in praying for peace and for the victims and their families.