Food Recall: 38 People Sick, 10 Hospitalized After Infected Eggs Hit Grocery Store Shelves in 7 Major States

October 03, 2018Oct 03, 2018

Dozens of people are sickened after a major recall hit one of the most popular breakfast foods in America: eggs. 38 people have been sickened from salmonella across seven U.S. states, including 10 people who have now been hospitalized.

"The cage-free large eggs, which were sold in grocery stores in Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, were recalled in September after illnesses were confirmed. The recalled eggs have a UPC code of 7-06970-38444-6 and best-by dates of July 25 through October 3," reported CNN.

At this time, there have been no reported deaths from the contaminated eggs. However, individuals who are sickened by salmonella face serious health risks.

"Twenty-three salmonella cases have been reported in Tennessee, seven in Alabama, four in Ohio and one case each in Colorado, Iowa, Kentucky, and Montana. The illnesses began between June 17 and August 16," reported CNN.

Although the eggs were sold in select states, the products easily travel across state lines. Many people who have fallen ill have said they ate dishes containing eggs at restaurants supplied by Gravel Ridge Farms.

The FDA is currently investigating the outbreak. They believe they have found the source of the contamination and are working to clean and sanitize the places where the eggs were stored.

"Symptoms of salmonella infections include fever, diarrhea and abdominal cramps that appear 12 to 72 hours after infection, according to the CDC. In some cases, people may have diarrhea so severe that they need to be hospitalized, but most recover without treatment after four to seven days," reported CNN.

Please join us in praying for a safe ending to this scary situation. We pray for healing on everyone who has been infected so far.

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