Editor of Newspaper Where Shooting Took Place Releases Heartbroken Statement

June 29, 2018Jun 29, 2018

On Thursday afternoon, a newsroom in Annapolis, Maryland, was rocked by a tragic shooting. A man who had a longtime vendetta against the newspaper, the Capital Gazette, shot and killed 5 people in the office.

After the shooting, Capital Gazette editor Jimmy DeButts took to Twitter to share his feelings after the shooting. He made it clear that he values the newspaper, his job, and his colleagues.

DeButts began, "Devastated & heartbroken. Numb. Please stop asking for information/interviews. I’m in no position to speak, just know @capgaznews reporters & editors give all they have every day. There are no 40 hour weeks, no big paydays - just a passion for telling stories from our communty."

He continued, emphasizing how hard they all work: "We keep doing more with less. We find ways to cover high school sports, breaking news, tax hikes, school budgets & local entertainment."

He added, "We are there in times of tragedy. We do our best to share the stories of people, those who make our community better. Please understand, we do all this to serve our community."

This statement was backed up by the fact that the Capital put out an issue after the shooting. In the midst of their own tragedy, they told the stories of the people involved.

He concluded, "We try to expose corruption. We fight to get access to public records & bring to light the inner workings of government despite major hurdles put in our way. The reporters & editors put their all into finding the truth. That is our mission. Will always be."

Later in the day, DeButts also took to Twitter to remember those who had passed. He shared personal memories about four of the people who lost their lives in the violence.

Please continue to pray for everyone impacted by this shooting. Liberals were quick to blame President Trump for the shooting, but the real motive quickly came out.