Easter Sunday Tragedy: ‘Casualties Among Worshippers’ Following Church Explosions, At Least 207 Dead & 400+ Injured

April 21, 2019Apr 21, 2019
Updated Sun Apr 21 10:30 AM ET

A truly tragic situation just occurred on Easter Sunday. According to the Telegraph, seven Sri Lanka churches and hotels were blasted in a bombing incident.

Some breaking news reports stated that the number of casualties is as high as in the hundreds thus far. At least 207, including three Americans, have been reported dead and more than 400 others injured. It is possible that these numbers will still increase as more information becomes available.


According to the Washington Post, three people were arrested and four are being questioned. One of the bombings was confirmed to be caused by a suicide bomber.

Early photos of the attack have been released. WARNING: Some of these pictures may be difficult for some readers to see.

Few details are currently known. This story is developing and will be updated as more information is released to the public. NOTE: This article was last updated at 10:30 AM ET on Sunday. Stay tuned for updates.

As the public awaits additional details, please keep all of the victims and their families in your prayers. God bless them!

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