Earthquake Rocks California City

January 02, 2018Jan 02, 2018

For people in California, the threat of a major earthquake occurring is a daily thought. Nearly every resident in California is very aware that a huge disaster could potentially strike them simply based on the fault lines running through the state.

On Sunday, an earthquake did strike. It took place near Gilroy, California and was recorded by local experts. It maxed out as a magnitude 3.1 earthquake and occurred Sunday night.

"Scientists say it’s possible for Southern California to be hit by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake. Such a quake would be far more destructive to the Los Angeles area because the San Andreas fault runs very close to and underneath densely populated areas," according to the LA Times.

"The quake struck at 5:35 p.m. and was centered about 5.6 miles southeast of Upland, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Its epicenter was measured at a depth of 2.85 miles," according to local news sites.

"No shaking just sounded like a boulder hit the ground in Rancho Cucamonga," Frank Gonzalez said on Twitter.

At this time, no reports of death or injury have been related to the incident. Please join us in praying that California stays safe given the recent earthquakes that have shaken the state.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts. Also, be sure to read our breaking news article about a massive recall that is affecting young girls. If you have a young daughter or know a teenage girl, please protect them and warn them of this scary new recall.

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