Early Results For 'Little Tuesday' Primaries Show...

March 08, 2016Mar 08, 2016

Tonight has been dubbed "Little Tuesday" with Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi voting for Republican presidential nominees while Michigan and Mississippi vote for Democrats. But despite it's little name, it'll still play a significant role in boosting or tearing down the confidence of any front-runners in a tight race.

According to The New York Times, Donald Trump is ahead in Michigan with 36% of the votes with only 5% of votes reporting. He's only a little ahead of John Kasich, who has 32%. Kasich, from neighboring Ohio, received endorsements from multiple Michigan state leaders. Ted Cruz is currently in third with 20% of the vote. Rubio is fourth with 9%.

With fewer than 1% of votes counted in Mississippi, Trump has 57%, Cruz has 36%, Kasich has 2%, and Rubio has 1%.

On the Democrat side, with 6% of votes counted in Michigan, Bernie Sanders is barely ahead with 51% over Hillary Clinton's 48%. In Mississippi, Clinton is already celebrating her victory with 84% over Sanders' 13%, even though fewer than 1% of votes have been counted.