Early Polls Reveal A Shocking Front Runner

July 12, 2015Jul 12, 2015

Donald Trump is proving to be more than just a walking and talking controversy.  His brash personality and stance on immigration have angered every liberal and brought harsh criticism from the Republican party.  However, despite the backlash, Trump’s stances have resonated with a majority percentage of Republicans.


According to this Economist/Yougov poll released this week, 15 percent of registered Republican voters list Donald Trump as their preferred GOP nomination for President.  The next closest candidate is Jeb Bush with 11 percent.  The margin for Trump is wider when you include that he is the majority of the poll participant’s 2nd choice for the nomination.


This is an early poll and no debates have been held yet.  These numbers are bound to change.  The majority of the poll participants believe that Jeb Bush will be end up being the GOP Presidential nominee.

The poll also reveals that Donald Trump is referred to more negatively than positively by Republicans.  The early numbers don’t lie, and whether he is liked or not, Trump cannot be ignored.

Who do you think will get the GOP nomination?  We would love to hear your thoughts!