Early Exit Polls on Alabama Senate Election Released, Voters Weigh in On Moore

December 12, 2017Dec 12, 2017

According to polls over the last few weeks, it's going to be a shockingly close election for Jeff Sessions' Senate seat in Alabama. Alternately, polls have shown embattled Republican Roy Moore or his Democrat challenger Doug Jones in the lead.

Now, Election Day is finally here. Results won't be out until 8 p.m. ET, but NBC has released their early exit polls.

Alabama voters weighed in on whether they believed the sexual misconduct allegations against Roy Moore. They were also asked that, if they did believe the allegations, did those allegations guide their vote.

Voters may be swayed by the allegations against Moore; only time will tell. If elected, Jones would be the state's first Democratic senator in decades.

NBC reported that voters so far today seem to be split on whether or not they believe the allegations that Moore had inappropriate relationships with teenage girls while he was in his 30s. Two of those women, Leigh Corfman and Beverly Nelson, accused him inappropriate touching and sexual assault respectively.

About a quarter of voters said the allegations were definitely true. Another quarter said they believed they were probably true. Still, 29 percent said they thought the allegations were probably false and another 16 percent said they were definitely false.

However, while Alabama voters seem fairly split on whether or not they believe the accusations to be true, the majority agree that it isn't the deciding factor on how they vote. A mere 7 percent said the allegations were the single most important factor to their vote.

Check back to Faith Family America for updates on the Alabama Senate election. In other news, the White House commented on Trump's tweet to Karen Gillibrand, saying it could only be interpreted as sexual if your "mind is in the gutter."

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