URGENT: 156 Sick, 20 Fighting for Life After E. Coli Outbreak Sweeps the Nation in These 10 Popular States

April 24, 2019Apr 24, 2019

A terrifying E. coli outbreak has just been reported. According to officials, 156 people have been sickened. At this time, many are said to have been hospitalized and are in serious condition.

The Center for Disease Control is releasing information on the outbreak as it becomes available. At this time, we know it has spread to at least 10 states.

No deaths have been reported at this time.

"The majority of the cases occurred in Tennessee, Kentucky and Georgia, but consumers also became ill in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio and Virginia. People who ingest the Shiga toxin-producing E. coli usually start feeling sick about three to four days later, and may experience severe stomach cramps, diarrhea – often bloody – and vomiting," wrote Fox.

The outbreak stems from a ground beef contamination. Consumers are urged to make sure they are safely handling and cooking their meat.

"The CDC is trying to trace the cases, which include people eating beef at home and in restaurants, to their source. No supplier, distributor or brand of beef has been identified," according to reports.

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