Famous Couple Divorces After 27 Years Together, 4 Kids

October 30, 2018Oct 30, 2018

The world of Hollywood is a strange place. It seems like more and more celebrity couples are calling it quits and throwing in the towel on their marriages.

Now, another famous couple has opened up about their divorce. Gymnast Mary Lou Retton has announced for the first time that she is officially divorced from her football star husband, Shannon Kelley, after 27 years together. Retton opened up about the divorce during a recent segment of "Dancing with the Stars."

"Retton told her dance partner Sasha Farber the news in a rehearsal segment aired on Monday night's show. 'I went through a divorce. People don't know that. It's the first time I've actually said it publicly,' the retired gymnast said on camera," according to Fox News.

The couple has 4 daughters together. Retton credits her children with helping her get through the tough time in her life. She also said she believed she stayed together with Kelley for as long as she did because the couple was raising their family.

"Ending their marriage 'was hard,' Retton confided to Farber. 'We still love one another, but we weren't good together anymore.' The Olympian thanked God for her children who helped her get through the breakup," reported Fox News.

She closed the segment with a joke about her newly single lifestyle. She said she's back on the market" though for now she is still single. Many folks remember Retton from her iconic days as an Olympic gymnast.

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