During 4th of July Party, Actress Jumps Into Pool To Save Her Daughter

July 05, 2017Jul 05, 2017

Busy Phillips was enjoying the 4th of July holiday with her friends and family. Suddenly, things took a turn for the worst.

While standing by the pool, Phillips noticed her 4-year-old daughter on a. Float tube in the water. Then she noticed her daughter was drifting towards the edge of the infinity pool.


For those unfamiliar with infinity pools, it is basically a waterfall at the top of the water that flows out of the pool. It creates the illusion there is no edge to the water.

“And it just sort of takes her over to the edge of the infinity pool,” Philipps added. “And at my friend’s house, it’s amazing, but on the other side of the infinity pool is just, like, a straight drop down, like, 10 feet into marshland,” she said.

“Just had to jump into my friend's pool with my clothes on cause Cricket was on a pool float that was about to go over the edge of the infinity pool and there was no one to help her in the pool and that's just what you do, I guess,” Philipps wrote.

If her daughter would have floated over to it, she could easily have flown out of the pool! It most likely would have really injured her.

“She's fine. So am I. But I'm pretty soaking wet. So there's that. HAPPY 4TH.” 

Phillips is most well known for her role in the show "Cougar Town." This is a crazy story!

What do you think about this? Would you have done the same thing to save your child?